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"The World is Yours" - Nasir Jones

I cant forget new jersey



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kids holding fuego


this dude is either on some funny shit or suffering from kanye levels of egoism. or he trolling the church

who said the 80s aint back

Enough of this rap shit

and this nigga got a flip phone… thats real

Black Kray is living proof that every musician is trying too hard

i gotta promote Vince Staples man Coldchain Vol 2 is on another level, gotta respect the man for being honest with his shit. Theres too much talent and not enough honesty, thats why music got ppl fucked up


#nowplaying Black Sheep by hip hop group  

Black Sheep by @Injury_Reserve (prod. by Injury_Reserve) #sxsw #3TimesDOPE

Everyone tryna bring back the oldschool shit

SEE, another dope video. #Realniggastellstorys

I’m late on this shit but props to J Cole man this video is definitly on another level. Rappers need to step it up cuz im tired of the negative shit being spewed by most of these vids man. I wanted to put the Q and 2chainz vid for “What they want” up here but I just couldnt because it had no plot or nothing. Just niggas doing nigger shit tbh. Say whatever you want about it but I couldn’t put that up in good conscience knowing 2chainz went to college. 

But back to the point… this video is on it. COLE

point in case… or whatever