Poetry in Motion

"The World is Yours" - Nasir Jones

grab your roller skates and zip on by

i just posted this cuz this is the most ridiculous video ive ever seen in my life. i dont even know where to start. This shit is a shroom trip w/ nicki minaj. How did they manage to make The Game the token light skinned love interest? shit is hilarious

i think i follow this dude


The Cypher Featuring Lupe Fiasco, Papoose, Styles P.

Straight Hip-Hop.

i remember this shit when it came out

Styles killed it

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"talkin bout a whole nother planet,

you couldnt understand it

you gangsta grill niggas want drama but forget the cannon”

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hip hop pioneers be like




gotta support this nigga

kingston where mi roots in dis earth be tho

dis aint what you want

this cant be life

when i hear this beat i shoot up heroin and ride on my enemies at the same damn time


YG brought more niggas out for this song than Public Enemy did for Fight the Power… Obama needs to employ this nigga


Chi-Raq - Dreezy


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if this shit dont go in