Poetry in Motion

"The World is Yours" - Nasir Jones

somebody please bring the city back

i gotta post this shit since we on the topic

listen to this album again. I swear man you actually listen to lyrics of this album and the shit is depressing as hell front to back.

its bin a minute

grab your roller skates and zip on by

i just posted this cuz this is the most ridiculous video ive ever seen in my life. i dont even know where to start. This shit is a shroom trip w/ nicki minaj. How did they manage to make The Game the token light skinned love interest? shit is hilarious

i think i follow this dude


The Cypher Featuring Lupe Fiasco, Papoose, Styles P.

Straight Hip-Hop.

i remember this shit when it came out

Styles killed it

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"talkin bout a whole nother planet,

you couldnt understand it

you gangsta grill niggas want drama but forget the cannon”

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hip hop pioneers be like




gotta support this nigga

kingston where mi roots in dis earth be tho

dis aint what you want